About me

My name is

Wenche Margrethe

In 2016 Wenche left her life in Norway to go to the US to study NLP. It was something she had dreamt about for many years, but not been finacially able to do.  But bad finances turned into good finances when she had to sell her apartment she could no longer afford . She made the jump and freed herself and got on that plane to the US. 

7 weeks later she was graduated Master NLP coach, Master NLP Practitoner, Time Line TherpyTM Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and Trainer of NLP practitioner. An intense journey. 

NLP has been a great tool for her on her journey to release and let go of limiting emotions, believes and limiting thoughts, but in the end, something else spoke louder to her. Her souls journey.
Some years later she discovered who she was and what she was here to do. The purpose of her life.

And that is to teach, inspire, encourage humans to walk the path from the mind to the heart with joyful, playfull and creative steps by sharing her own experiences through her  journey. 

Through a difficult time growing up, she would later in life discover that everything happenend for a reason. Regardless, her experiences and difficulties became her biggest assets.

When she was about 35 years old, she had a great discovery that changed everything and she began the journey from the caos of the mind to the peace and joy in her heart. 

At the moment she is writing a book about her wakeup call and the journey of her life while working as a chef on the side of building a new future. Helping other people dealing with the voices of their ego (limitations, negative emotions, expectations etc), so they can break down those walls and move farther into the heart vibration. 
She has also a bachelor in Hotel managment, has run and developed her own cakebakery and been headchef at 3 different restaurant consepts. Beside this, she is a nature and animal lover.

Did you think you didn`t have any?

The Ego I mean...
I didn`t think so either...
As a matter of fact, I did not have a clue what that meant...

But one day I could not hid it anymore. (How can you hide anything from spirit... lol)

The day I was confronted with my ego, was a day to remember...

The ego is something a lot of us have heard Eckhart Tolle speak about, but often it is just a concept of the mind. We don`t actually understand how it works and what it is until we have our own experiences.

The ego is clever. It shifts forms, colors and agenda all the time, just to fool you...

Do you want to learn how to get to know it and to let it become an asset insted of an enemy?

That will lead you to the heart...


Are you ready to change your life in unexpected ways?

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