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3 unexpected, little known ways that completely changed my life... 

Welcome to Live Freely Coaching &

Wenche Margrethe!

Let`s do things a little differently...

Tradition is nice in many ways, but my experience are anything else but traditional. And times are changing. 

It is time for new ways, the ways that goes through the mind down to the heart, let`s dig in and have some fun!

Are you ready to change your life in unexpected ways?

Did you think you didn`t have any?

The Ego I mean...
I didn`t think so either...
As a matter of fact, I did not have a clue what that meant...

But one day I could not hid it anymore. (How can you hide anything from spirit... lol)

The day I was confronted with my ego, was a day to remember...

The ego is something a lot of us have heard Eckhart Tolle speak about, but often it is just a concept of the mind. We don`t actually understand how it works and what it is until we have our own experiences.

The ego is clever. It shifts forms, colors and agenda all the time, just to fool you...

Do you want to learn how to get to know it and to let it become an asset insted of an enemy?

That will lead you to the heart...


Coach & Teacher:

Wenche Margrethe

Online Courses

Start Up:

2nd of September 2020

  • Master your Mind Online Course; We dive into the world of the ego to get a deeper understanding and tools to adress it and transform it.
  • Brand new clas!


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Do you need some help sorting out your thoughts and feelings to get more clarity?

As a certified NLP master practitioner, hypnotherapist and TLT master practitioner, Wenche is highly qualified to assist you.
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Elise Johanessen

45 years old
Fredrikstad, Norway 


Karen Olaussen

24 years old



"Unbelievably engaged, her strong energy interprets into you immediately.  She will attack your problems in any way necessary, she's creative in thinking outside the box when her original techniques don't lead you all the way. She's all about removing blocks from your mentality, which stands in the way of pursuing and becoming who you want to be.

She's as patient as you need her to be, and that's so crucial when your problems lay deep down. 
I would definitely recommend her, if you're on the fence of achieving great things in your life, but don't.

You have to be ready, open and willing to sacrifice your old relation with the ego (believe me, that's a real tricky one) and evolve your whole thinking. Then it is definitely worth it".

Maarja Frydenlund 

34 years old

​Personal assistent

"Wenche has given me lots of inspiration and taught me selflove. Sometimes we think that we already love ourselves, but actually we only try to satisfy our ego. If you want to know more about the real selflove and how to connect with your true self in a deeper level , then you should try Live Freely Coaching! Yes, we have all the answers inside ourselves, but sometimes we need some guideing and "pushing" to go to the right direction. Wenche can help you to change old habits, let go of your fears and move on toward much healthier and happier life! "

Anita Tokle

48 years old
Åndalsnes, Norway.

Psychiatric nurse.

"I really want to recommend Time Line Therapyh.
Wenche guilded me safly and fast through the prosess and helped me with good questions. I found new answers and new insites I never thought I would find that really amazed me. I was able to free myself and let go of the limitating believes and thoughts that had controlled much of my life, at the same time getting new insites and lessons to integrate and understand more at depth what I had experienced in my early life that had keept me limited".

Thea Andersson

44 years old
Brighton, UK
Life Coach and energy worker 

"I recently worked intensively with Wenche with Timeline therapy & other tools. Wenche guided me expertly to the root causes of my issues to help me see the learnings (& let go then of repeating the patterns). I felt a big shift from our work together & highly recommend her".


47 years old

Ski, Norway


"I hade gone to counselling before, withoutany progress.  It never took me forward. Wenche gave me the push to make the nessesary adjustments and to make new desitions. She gave me a new perspectiv on my life. 
Together with Time Line Therapyh, it really made a huge difference for me and I was able to turn my life into something better".

"Thank you, Wenche, for brilliant coaching. You made me realize what I needed to do and put another perspectiv on it. Now I know where to put my focus both with my business and private. You are a great inspiration!"

"I worked with Wenche for an NLP Breakthrough coaching session, and am very impressed with Wenche's attention to detail, focus, and truly caring about helping people. I learned a lot about myself and she really helped improve my life- highly recommended".

John Schultz

50 years old
Beverly Hills, CA

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